Friday May 31st- 2013

Happy New Everything!

I finally carved out a nice little corner of the web for myself after a few of the busiest months of my life! For those of you that have visited this site over the last little while you may have found it ‘under construction.’ Well, I supposed everyone has to be ‘under construction’ at some point in their lives- but my construction period was a little bit longer than most!

After a whirlwind end of 2012 playing more than 20 dates with another country band as their fill-in vocalist, I began 2013 with a job loss, a break up, and a broken heart. I moved out of the place we called home, and I couch surfed between friends and family, penniless and picking up the pieces as I went. Writing new songs along the way, I searched for suitable employment to pay my bills while I kept chasing this crazy dream, and I hung on tight, with the honest knowledge that there would be brighter days ahead. Those days are certainly here!

I am back working, madly in love, and writing my most inspired and truthful songs so far, and am excited to be heading back into the studio to record some songs to keep everyone happy while I work on my next record! Everything truly does happen for a reason- sometimes the sadness we must experience is only a temporary gateway to a life full of bliss we would have missed otherwise.

I joined the board of directors for the Country Music Association of Ontario for the 2012-2013 year and l have been learning the ropes
of what it really takes to run an organization like this! Supported only by a 11 person volunteer board, the CMAO board worked together to bring to life our inaugural awards show which took place on Monday may 27th, at the Markham Theatre. With lessons learned around every corner, lots of sleep lost, but beaming with pride, we presented the show to a sold out house, and featured performances by some of Canada and Ontario’s top country talent. Charlie Major, Michelle Wright, Jason Blaine, Kira Isabella, Deric Ruttan, The Heartbroken, The Small Town Pistols and more took to the stage to truly illustrate in full colour why we truly believe and work hard to show that “Ontario Country Music Matters.”

This is my first experience in this type of setting. Since 17 I have had experience working in various fields of the industry like Universal Records, Sound of pop Records, and of course, becoming an independent artist and managing my own entertainment group and destiny. I even attended the Durham College Music Business Management program to give myself the best preparation I could for a long life in an industry I loved- but nothing could have prepared me more this experience. It was huge, overwhelming, and intense- but it was one of my greatest life lessons to date. Getting to watch people jump to their feet and cheer for the spell binding performances and wonder of the evening, that as a group we had built together, was one of the largest pride filled moments of my life, easily landing itself amongst the awards and music achievements I have made to date.

I look forward to continuing with the board for another year, and I also look forward to carving out a little but more time for myself and my music in the midst of my new learning experiences!

I have a sumer filled with festivals that I can’t wait to play- I hope you will join me at one of my show dates and check out all the new songs I have been working on 🙂

Lots of love and happiness on my end, and I wish the same for yours!